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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Green Is Good

I have no pets. Yes, it is very sad, I agree. I desperately want a puppy, but I have moral objections to keeping a dog in an apartment when I'm gone 12 hours a day. Not to mention our particular apartment managers make it ridiculously expensive to keep one and have all sorts of rules regulating them. No pets under 1 year of age, no pets over 40 lbs on the ground floor or 25 lbs on the second floor. I ask you - what do they do about children?! So, a hold has been placed on that idea until we get a house.

I used to have a fish named Blackhaus. It was a beta and I pretended that the hyperactive wiggling it did when I came near the bowl with fish food was because it loved me, not the food, for I was, after all, the one who cleaned out the bowl and gave it fresh water every week. Well, at least as often as when it got a thin layer of scum on top. But last year, after nearly 3 years of glorious, fishy life, Blackhaus took the great water ride to the sky. RIP.

So, for now, I have to content myself with potted plants. And I have to admit, I do not have a green thumb - or any other good plant-happy color of thumb for that matter, as I tend to kill most plants with which I come in contact. You can't kill bamboo? It's soooo easy to care for, you say? All you have to do is water it? Dead.

But as of a few weeks ago, I am trying my best to make a valiant effort in caring for my potted pets. Some of them were looking rather peaked, so I got them some fresh, moisture-regulating, miracle grow soil (miracle is the right word...I'll need one!); some new, bigger clay pots so they can stretch their legs; and I even pulled them back from the edge of the porch in case the winds from Ophelia got to whipping around in the courtyard too much. See, I'm a good plant mommy! They're looking pretty good as of now. I just need to remember to water them. Or not water them, so I don't over-water them. I've been guilty of both.


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