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Friday, September 30, 2005

Oral Bling

A couple of months ago I went to the dentist as per my usual oral hygiene routine (brush - 2x daily, floss - 1x daily, mouthwash - 1x daily, dentist - 2x yearly). With that regimented schedule, imagine my surprise when he told me I had three cavities and a cracked tooth and would need a crown! Ugh, I'm only 25. I feel like I shouldn't be getting crowns at this tender age.

So last month I went in for them to create a mold, drill my tooth down to a nub and stick me with a "temporary" crown - meaning a piece of some substance to cap over my tooth nub and irritate the crap out of me for four weeks while I waited for my permanent crown to be sculpted of gold and porcelain. Four weeks? We're not sculpting the Pieta, here - it's a tooth. So for a whole month I had an extrememly sensitive tooth. Ice cold beverages = ouch. Chewing gum = irritation. Crunchy cerial and carrots = cannot be chewed on the right side of my mouth.

So finally two days ago I went in to get my real crown. The dentist chatted with me as we waited for the anesthetic to take hold of my gums. "What are your plans for the weekend?", "Well, I'm going to watch the Clemson football game." "What time does it come on?", "Sadurday ah fee furdy.", "Okay, let's get started with this crown." He yanked off the temp crown, which actually felt heavenly given the irritation it had caused, and began prepping the real crown for cappage. He put it on my tooth and then threw his entire body weight behind it as he pushed it up into my gums, as if his goal was to push the tooth through my jaw and into my sinus cavities.

As much as I didn't not enjoy the whole experience of getting a crown, I must say that this new tooth is really quite lovely. It looks nicer than the rest of my teeth - although, you don't see it often, being as that it's in the back of my mouth. But I can chew my cereal on the right side of my mouth again and that's all that really matters.


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