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Friday, September 23, 2005

Popsicle Toes

Last weekend I learned several things during my day trip to Clemson to revel in the orange, drunken atmosphere that is the Tiger football season.

The first lesson is that triple overtime means lots more beer. That was almost a given. There will be a quiz on this tomorrow during the game against Boston College.

The second is that after triple overtime and said beer, my feet can still autopilot me back to our tailgating spot - through downtown, across Bowman field, down the steps to the amphitheatre, around the reflection pool, past the library, past the Brooks Center, through the parking lot - over the river and through the woods. All this through a thick sea of orange coursing through the campus's veins. It's a good feeling to know my mind doesn't have to engage to make it across campus. This just goes to show that something from my education was able to engrain deep down in my brain. I somehow managed to take the final 20 exposures on my camera on my journey (yes, an old-school, point-and-click FILM camera, not a fancy-schmancy DIGITAL, for which I've been vying). I'm interested to see what's on that film. I don't recall exactly, but it is, in some form, all of the places listed above.

Upon return to the car, I learned my last lesson of the day. Well, the night, really. My father-in-law likes to keep the temperature of his car somewhere in the range of SUB ZERO to MEAT LOCKER. I was so cold, I didn't know if I'd be able to stand it. Now, I'm not a sleeper who likes covers, in general. In fact, I'm one odd duck: I generally dispise covers on my legs and feet, but enjoy covers around my shoulders. I also like to keep my head sandwiched between two pillows, which I read is something that autistic children do, but that's another story. So, in my father-in-law's car, I did have the fortune to bring my pillow, though not a blanket, and my tank-topped body was getting cold (It was 90 degrees that day, people! We were tailgating! I thought I was dressed appropriately!). So I took the pillowcase off of my pillow and wrapped it- nay, bound it with a frozen ferocity - around my shoulders. When we got home four icy hours later, we fell into bed. My husband said, "Ahhh, it's so nice to be home." I replied, "Ahhh, it's so nice to be warm!"


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