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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sounds of Silence

The other night R decided to watch some football in bed when it was past my bedtime. I have some awesome earplugs that he brought home from work that I wear in situations such as this. Yes, he listens to the TV at very low volume, but I have hyper-sensitive ears when I'm trying to go to sleep. Usually, I'll wake when he flippity-flops in bed once he's ready to go to sleep, and I'll take the stoppers out. But last night I was way too far into Dream Land to let something like that rouse me. I slept like a proverbial baby (not a real baby, mind you, because I hear that they sometimes - heck, often - don't sleep heavily). I would have never awoken from my dreams had R not shaken me. Ahh...sleep is so much better than waking at 5:30! Reason number 473 why I'm waiting to have kids: I like to sleep PAST 5:30 on weekends.


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