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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Crustaceans for Education

I ate lobster for the first time nearly four years ago and I haven't had any since. It's not becuase those little crustaceans are not delicious - because they are - it's just that, I don't often get the opportunity. My first and only lobster dinner was on a cruise. It was the choice between beef Wellington or lobster tails for my entree. On the advice of a cruise-savvy fellow diner, I had - both! Yes, you can do that on a cruise! After all, you've already paid for all your might as well get your money's worth. So I had both. Then I had another lobster tail. I think I gained 5 pounds that week.

Since then, however, despite living on the coast, no more sweet, buttery lobster has crossed my lips. This, I think, is about to change. One of my aerobics instructors has a kid whose school is having a fund raiser. Gotta love those fund raisers. But this one is kinda neat. It's not your normal wrapping paper, candy, or magazine subscriptions campaign. It's called Crustaceans for Education. You buy live Maine lobsters, which are shipped to the school from the waters of Maine the day you pick them up. They're either handed over live or steamed for you. I think I'd go with the "steamed for you" option, as I've never cooked a live lobster before.

The best part is, the pick up is the weekend before R's and my 1st anniversary. It might be fun to have a little lobster dinner to celebrate!


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