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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Parade of Pets

Our first pet was a little brown dog that I barely remember because I was still so little and the person we got him from failed to discover that the puppy had heartworms. He died the day after we brought him home. Next came a black puppy we named Lucy. I remember that she would jump up on my legs when I came home from Kindergarten and give me scratches. Lucy got hit by a car after only a month. Around the same time, we had a cat named Bashful. I was only two years old, but I vividly remember playing with Bashful in the open garage when the neighbors pit bull came up the hill, grabbed the kitty in his mouth and took him off into the woods. My mom was in the kitchen and saw it happen, so she ran outside and whisked me up off the ground. Bashful was one of several cats this particular dog terrorized, so that dog was taken away by animal control.

Next came Shorty. This is where my memory of my pets starts to become clearer. Shorty had a squished little flat face and an underbite, so his tiny teeth stuck out. My older sister and I would dress him up in doll clothes and push him around in a stroller. He was such a good dog! Concurrently, we had a cat named Sneakers. When we moved to Malaysia, however, both of those pets were given to friends.

In Malaysia, I had a parakeet named Sprite. A friend taking care of Sprite while we were on vacation accidentally let him out of his cage while she was feeding the bird. Sprite flew out of the open window into the jungle. When friends of ours moved back to the States, we took their old, old Golden Retriever named Cleo. Cleo scared the crap outta our gardner and the meter readers, though she was old and friendly and the worst thing she could do would be to sit on you or pee on you. Cleo died of old age. Also in Malaysia, we had a dog named Ginger. Ginger looked more like a fox than a dog. She freaked out the gardner and meter readers, too. When we moved away, Ginger went to live with a school friend of mine.

Back in South Carolina, I got a rabbit who I named Beau. We also had a cat that took up with us who we named Sneakers. When we moved to Texas, Beau came along, but Sneakers stayed in SC.

While in Texas, Beau died...of constipation. Who knew you can't feed rabbits too many vegetables? We had several stray cats that liked to hang around - Mrs. Snowball and crew. I also got a mini weiner dog that I named Zoey.

Zoey came along with us when we moved to Pennsylvania. She got out and ran across the road while we were bringing in groceries one day. A woman who was driving way over the speed limit hit her right in front of our faces, but didn't stop. My older sister got pissed, jumped in the car and took off after her. She forced her to stop, come back, and appologize. For my little sister's birthday one year, I got her a tiny black kitten that she named Muffy. We then got a black schnauzer mix shelter pup we named Ace. I think my older sister also had a rabbit named Belinda in here somewhere, but I don't really know what happened with that.

Ace and Muffy stayed with us through our move to Virginia and through high school for me. I went to college and my family moved back to South Carolina. Ace and Muffy came along. My little sister got another cat named Peanut. (Oh, yeah, there was another cat of hers right before Peanut that I accidentally killed in the dryer, but that's another story...). Now that she has gone to college, Muffy went to live with a friend, Peanut is living with a cousin, and Ace went to live in North Carolina with a family friend (I live in an apartment and couldn't take him).

The family friend just called me a week or so ago to tell me that my old, grumpy Ace dog has died. He was 13 years old, which, for a schnauzer especially, is getting on up there. He had a heart attack. This littany of pets of my childhood has come to a close. One day when R and I get a house, we will surely get a dog, but I think I will think of that as the first dog of my adulthood.


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